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It’s an interesting question: what, precisely, would it take to get those stoic, fingers-jammed-firmly-in-their-ears Walker supporters to renounce the man they’ve come to fetishize over the past year and a half?

I’ll only bring up the repeal of equal pay for women and the decimation of the public education system to acknowledge that they won’t be the issues to sway these die-hard spendthrifts who know that you don’t get something for nothing, but hey, why not try it anyway?

How about cronyism? That always seems to work the folks on the far right into a particularly righteous lather.  Oh, they sure won’t like this story about the oft-drunk-driving son of a political donor – a lobbyist, no less! – who was given a cushy job starting at around $80K per year, despite the fact he has no college degree nor is in any way “qualified”, whatever that means!  But wait, this is “just the way these things are done in government” comes the incongruous rationalization from the Walker-backers.  Government is by nature corrupt, so duh!, is the apparent argument, delivered without so much as a hint of self-realization.

Fundraising on the public dime – surely that will get them irate.  There’s nothing worse than a road worker taking a drink in the shade to ward off heat stroke without even having the courtesy to call each and every tax payer and ask their permission to “take five”.  Yet this story, despite having the rather convincing advantage of being true, is dismissed as yet another political attack.  You can get convictions in unfounded, politically motivated prosecutions?!?  If that is the case, the dems really ought to try more of this.

Going after the sacred, time-honored tradition of deer hunting?  Now, I can think of nothing, saving climbing the Lombardi statue at Lambeau Field and crowning him with a big steaming dump, that would shake to the core even the most hardened and cynical Walker supporter.  Maybe that would do the trick, if anyone had heard about it.  Unfortunately, the first page of results on Google when searching “deer czar wisconsin” are all liberal media outlets, from Daily Kos to Wonkette.  You’d think a story involving a significant change to deer hunting in Wisconsin would’ve attracted the attention of more traditional news outlets, but then apparently you just don’t know anything about traditional news outlets, buddy.

And so, it seems, the question of what could possibly lead a Walker supporter to change his or her mind seems largely rhetorical.  Or maybe it’s the sort of question that can only be answered with another question.  Or maybe it’s an unanswerable question, like why is the sky blue?  If you think that question is answerable, please be patient, Governor Walker has given us the tools to disabuse you of that notion.