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Pointing out the failings of Scott Walker and the policies he advocates can feel at times like a spirited game of Whack-a-mole, and other times like a Sisyphean exercise.  Time is short, and the amount of information great.  In the spirit of alacrity, in the less than 10 days before the June 5 recall election, I’ve decided to highlight other bloggers of note – ones who have compelling arguments and can back them up with facts – rather than squander time trying to distill this information from different sources into a post of my own.

First allow me to refer you to this excellent article, brimming with facts and links to sources, which investigates one of Walker’s many lies: Wisconsin never had a $3.6 billion deficit, and it’s not fixed.  This post highlights Walker’s habit of conflating statistics, grabbing numbers from column A of one report and column B of another report that uses entirely different methodology, tossing in a health dose of fairy dust, and serving up the ensuing number salad to an eager and drooling public.

I think this penchant for finding numbers that suit him, or if he can’t finesse those, then just making them up, is one of the weaknesses Walker has that ought to be set upon. The others being his “divide and conquer” approach to civil society, his DNR shenanigans which are upsetting to people of all political persuasions (deer hunters don’t like being called Maoists), and the omnipresent dark cloud of John Doe that hangs over his head wherever he goes.  Keep hammering away on these points; they are, I think, the most likely to cast some doubt into the zealotry of Walker-worship that seems to have infected large swaths of the state.