A very well written and reasoned post. This would be a wonderful thing to share with your more conservative friends and family members.

Baron von Reed

Dear Friends And Family Who Lean Politically To The Right,

From time to time, I get impassioned and write you one of these open letters. At the moment, I’m not impassioned. I’m exhausted.

There’s a statewide election coming up on June 5, however.

If I wait until I’m impassioned to say what’s on my mind, the moment may have passed.

If you’re not from Wisconsin, you may skip to the bit at the end that says “Love, Doug”.

If you are from Wisconsin, please read this letter with an open mind. We’re all tired from the last 18 months of political strife, so I will keep it brief and free from name-calling.

I don’t like name-calling. I’m tired of the bickering and the divisiveness. Neighbors don’t speak to neighbors. Family reunions get tense. I’ve damaged some long-term friendships with people who don’t even live in this state.  Those of you…

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