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With June 5 fast approaching, it is becoming increasingly rare to find a person in Wisconsin of voting age who hasn’t yet made up their mind as to how they plan to vote in the recall election.  The likelihood of swaying those who have, whatever the quality of their reasons, made up their minds is slight.  And so we must make our case to those precious few undecideds, once we’ve flipped over the stones under which they’ve apparently been hiding.

The truth, unfortunate though it may be, is that many people – and undecided voters especially – vote with their gut.  Facts and figures and statistics and budgetary numbers won’t serve to sway them, and given the dizzying rounds of volleying economic numbers as of late, I suppose it’s hardly fair to fault them.  So we must make our case from an emotional point of view; mind you this is not an abdication of the facts, but rather it is embracing the fact that there is, even beyond the hard numbers, a solid case to be made for recalling the Governor.  This case is, I think, best made by highlighting not the economy, not civil rights or a war on women, but by sitting back and letting Walker’s leadership skill speak for itself.  And, luckily, Walker and his sycophantic pep-squad have lately been feeling generous.


This 30 seconds of video does more to hurt Walker than two hours of patient explanation until you’re blue in the face.  A governor job is to lead a state, not divide (much less vanquish) it.  Even the undecideds have likely heard Walker’s self-congratulatory statements lauding himself for trying oh-so-hard to work with those across the aisle.  This video cuts those lies down in short order.

I wasn’t present, but even I feel dirty after that.


To all but the most hardened extremist, this cynical attempt at class warfare will have the opposite effect as was intended.  The idea of drawing up a list of “enemies of the state”, though a Wisconsin tradition, is bound to be found as distasteful and puerile to the average Wisconsinite.  If you had to choose only one thing to focus on until June 5, it would be this list.  Wisconsin, suddenly infested with Gadsden flag waving tea partiers though it may be, is still a place that prides itself on being neighborly, and neighbors simply do not stoop to such levels as these.


The John Doe investigation, though Walker and his subordinates and fawning groupies continue to discount it as a political ploy, has produced a few shocking revelations (such as embezzlement from veterans and sexting teenagers) that no one has even bothered to dispute.  After such discoveries, the real political scandal of fundraising for Walker on the taxpayer’s dime seems almost quaint and innocuous.


Finally, the undecided voter might be asked whether the average of ten dollars which they’ve saved on property taxes has been worth all the vitriol, all of the families divided, the negative to anemic job growth (depending on whose numbers you feel like using), the McCarthyite tactics of the past year; whether the change in the political climate from civilized to vulgar is worth the price.

Make no mistake, Tom Barrett is no messiah come to deliver us from evil.  He just a competent, realistic public servant.  He’s not the Second Coming, he’s the Silkwood Shower this state so desperately could use.