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Just a short post to tide everyone over while I’m working on a more all-encompassing piece regarding the state of education in Wisconsin under Scott Walker.

In case there was any doubt regarding the extremist element working hand in hand with Walker’s “educational reforms”:

Although these salary figures were obtained perfectly legally through an open records request, the objective of publishing them is both clear and far from noble:  to demean and intimidate those teachers audacious enough to imagine they had a right to participate in politics. Apparently, at least as far as the people who published this list are concerned, taking up teaching is akin to taking your priestly vows.  Imagine the dust-up if word got out one of these teachers was using contraception!

How much harder have these so-called “concerned” parents made the jobs of these teachers?  How much work and effort and time and patience have these teachers spent working with their kids, in some cases dealing with their disruptive behavior fostered and nurtured by their parents utter disdain for education, viewing it as commensurate to brainwashing?  These folks are just another example of the by now familiar emotionally immature, latter-day patriots obsessed with rights but utterly lacking in responsibility.  In this ridiculous screed, their lack of attachment to reality is laid bare: they blame teacher compensation for the 300% rise in foreclosures since 2008.  Because there sure isn’t anything else that happened around then that could explain all the foreclosures.

In what other profession are people so subjected to this sort of harassment?  Movie stars and billionaires, I’ll grant you, but certainly any thinking person agrees that a teacher hardly lives a comparable lifestyle to anyone like that.  They already receive the lion’s share of the blame more rightly reserved for underachieving kid’s parents, and now this ham-handed piece of political theater.  Mind you, it would be such an inconvenience for these people to actually sit down and have a civilized talk with the teachers to air their concerns.  Much more constructive, I’m sure, to anonymously publish personal information in the local newspaper.  I pity the poor children offered this callow example of adult behavior; especially now as their best teachers begin to look toward greener pastures elsewhere.

If only these punters could be troubled to notice their children’s teachers are – very nearly to a (wo)man – hard-working, deeply committed human beings, and not do-nothing fat-cats.  They are people who are part of a union that agreed in principle to every one of Walker’s financial demands.

If only these brave list-makers could hear the facts over their shrill and frantic fear-mongering.