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The evidence is clear: Scott Walker lies. A lot. And I’m not referring here to the garden variety brand of lies told by politicians since time immemorial; things like ‘cutting taxes always leads to job growth’, ‘the government has no intrinsic worth’, ‘a quarter of a million jobs will be created by such-and-such point in time’. No, these are lies of a more specific and conspiratorial nature.

Walker has insisted ever since his “Budget Repair Bill” (which, curiously, failed to repair the budget), that he had campaigned all along on curtailing union rights.  While he did mention it in private a few times…

…he kept it hush-hush on the campaign trail; in fact, going so far as to say he planned to negotiate with the unions:

If those who “Stand with Walker” have no qualms about his lying to advance his political agenda, rather than submitting it to reasoned and sober debate in the light of day, it certainly brings into question the moral compass of those supporters, as well as their fitness to participate in a democracy. Rushing through bills, under the auspices that you know what’s better for Wisconsin than the state’s citizens do, amounts to something little more civilized than a putsch.

And his statement to the odious Diane Hendricks – who has at length proved that the death of a loved one does not necessarily impress upon the survivor what the truly important things in life are, and that (at least some) people can never truly have enough money – absolutely begs the question: divide and conquer who?  The individual unions against each other, the nearly half a million union members against each other, union workers against non-union workers?  One can’t help but think of the image of the hapless McCain, shaking his head in bewilderment, as his 2008 running mate traced a swath through the country edifying those Real Americans who were self-evident in their support of her.  Anyone inspired by this style of we-won’t-negotiate-with-terrorists-and-they’re-all-terrorists leadership, I truly do pity, as I imagine they will at some point have found themselves to have spent their lives in service of thankless, self-appointed demi-gods who had not even bothered to notice they were there.