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The purpose of this site or blog or online journal – yeah, I like that; this online journal is one of simple selfish convenience.  See, I deal with a lot of, well…I guess you’d have call them trolls.  As I’ve gained experience dealing with them, I’ve found the best way to shut them up or shout them down is to come at them hard with credible and verifiable information – links help – from non-partisan sources.  Of course, these are people generally lacking in common sense, so their definition of non-partisan may be non-attainable using the common sense definition of the word, but I feel it’s best to not cite as your source an obviously or arguably liberal content provider, such as Crooks & Liars, DailyKos, Wonkette and the like.

This online journal will be a repository for all of the credible and verifiable information I find useful in these endeavors.  If this resource can be of any help to anyone else, I’m only too happy to share.

Some may ask whether a website like Snopes has already done what I’m attempting to do now.  In a superficial way, probably they have, but refutiate does not aim to be an impartial arbiter in political disagreements.  No, this is a resource designed to be helpful for those with a liberal slant.  I will strive to be as objective as is humanly possible, but the aim is for all documents, videos, source material, and supporting arguments to be drawn strictly from accurate and verifiable sources, built on a solid foundation of fact and reality.  If any of the conservative persuasion find this information helpful, that’s nice, but it’s a purely unintentional side effect.  But feel free to dance around like a jerk anyways.